Innogy Essent Marketo Implementation (SCRUM)

Essent implemented and integrated Marketo to truly understand their audience and drive relevant and meaningfull engagement. Agile SCRUM was used for the roll-out, including some very successful marketing campaigns.

  • Custom CIS Integration
  • PowerBI Integration
  • SMS Integration
  • Website Integration
  • My Essent Portal
  • Helpdesk Integration

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Essent, pressured by external- and internal forces, chose a strategic direction on: focused, personal, and digital. Serving B2B customers in a newly developed application and CIS called Unity, Essent had a need to support execution of campaigns for acquisition and retention. Essent required a full understanding of their audience to drive relevant and meaningfull engagement.


Essent selected Marketo and assembled an agile team, which learned on the job, alongside a Marketo professional. Marketo was rolled out and integrated with a variety of applications. Some with native integration and some through Marketo's REST API (e.g. SMS, PowerBI, and their custom customer information system). One of the first campaigns within the first few weeks of the roll-out targeted 2.500 people for a direct debit campaign, of which 1,250 opened, clicked, and filled out the form. A whopping 50% end-to-end conversion rate!