About Marketo

Marketo is an engagement platform. And it’s one of the most connected and open marketing platforms on the market. The marketing technology enables you to do lead management, marketing automation, lead scoring, account based marketing, digital advertising, email marketing, real-time personalization, reporting, marketing ROI, campaigning, event marketing, and so much more. It’s that thing marketers use to start their day.

Marketo is considered a leader according to analist firms such as Gartner and Forrester. And they have the customers to prove it. Though most of their customers and our customers are in B2B, it can easily be used for B2C as well. Curious how we have leveraged the platform to boost our customers’ businesses?

Our Marketo Credentials

Our expertise, knowledge and experience of Marketo is truly unparalleled in Europe. None of our competitors come even close to our expertise. We’ve been amongst the first few users worldwide to ever get certified many years ago. We’ve got to this point due to our passion for MarTech and constant drive for knowledge.

  • Marketo Certified Solution Architect (MCSA)
  • Marketo Certified Expert (MCE)
  • Official Marketo User Group Leaders for the Benelux
  • 3x Marketo Champion (Worldwide Top-50 Expert!)
  • Official Marketo Services Partner
  • Not a reseller! We’re independent, unlike our competitors!

Curious how we can grow your business with Marketo?

Our Marketo customers

We have well over 25 Marketo customers in different industries. Please find a selection of our customers below.

Our Marketo services

We are a Marketo-only agency. So everything we do involves the platform. But to give you an idea of potential services, please find a list below.

Industry solutions

We are niche experts and we know your business. We specialize in at least the following industries:

  • Hi-tech & Software (e.g. Trend Micro, PinkRoccade, Dassault Systemes)
  • Energy & Utilities (e.g. Essent, HVC KringloopEnergie)
  • Manufacturing & Logistics (e.g. DHL Express, Rockwool)
  • Commerce (E.g. Staples)

Highlighted case study

Essent implemented and integrated Marketo to truly understand their audience and drive relevant and meaningfull engagement. Agile SCRUM was used for the roll-out, including some very successful marketing campaigns.

Read the Essent case

Some of our Marketo experts

We’re all passionate about Marketo. We all hold a variety of certifications and specialization badges. Our martech passion and constant drive for knowledge makes us true experts. Knowledge and experience we’d love to share with you to help you become successful too! Some of us belong to first people ever to get certified! Please meet some of our Marketo experts below.

Diederik Martens
Chief Marketing Technologist & Founder
Marketo Certified Solutions Architect

Diederik mareto Certified Solutions Architect MCSA

Formerly a global marketing operations director in the hi-tech & software industry. International keynote speaker on marketing automation. Lecturer and co-creator of marketing innovation courses at Fontys.

Jacques van Seeters
Principal Consultant & Partner
Marketo Certified Expert (MCE)

Jacques van Seeters SMOps MCE

Formerly founder and director of EnergieDirect and Zon-IQ. Experienced in growing companies through innovation in marketing and sales.

Fianna van Dijk
MarTech Specialist
Marketo Certified Expert (MCE)

Fianna Marketo Certified Expert MCE

Formerly all-round marketer for a software company with solutions for governments. Additional background in campaigning and event marketing.

Arjen Segers
Principal Consultant
Marketo Certified Expert (MCE)

Aren Marketo Certified Expert MCE

Formerly North-EMEA head of digital marketing, with teams all around EMEA, for a large multinational HR consulting company.

Curious how we can grow your business with Marketo?

What we stand for!

We have a passion and constant drive for MarTech and SalesTech knowledge. A constant drive to add value. Growing businesses together. Knowledge we’d love to share to enable you to succeed.

How do you compare us to the competition?

You could buy and have your car maintained at a local garage (= Small marketing companies focusing on small businesses).

But you could also go for a premium German car and have it dealer maintained (= Bigger digital agencies, which might have a few people with Marketo user certification).

But if you want to win the race against your competition, you go for us!
Expert race car tuners that help you cut your laptimes with targetted improvements. Passionate about helping you win your race!