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Marketo Training

Have you just rolled out Marketo? Or do you want to training your colleagues and/or employees on how to use Marketo?

Diederik Martens is not only an official Marketo Certified Solutions Architect (MCSA) with 4 badge, and a Marketo Certified Expert (MCE) with several certified specialization areas, but also named 3x to the Marketo Champion Elite class of the world’s top-50.

This means Diederik Martens, as a Marketo traininer from The Netherlands, would be able to help you with short basic Marketo training sessions. But also with a complete Marketo course for on-boarding your employees. And also train-the-trainer sessions. Marketo training can be conducted in English or Dutch. Please read the paragraph below for the different types of training available.

Marketo Training formats

No matter if you’re looking for a generic training or a custom training, Diederik would be able to help you to get started or advance. There are different Marketo training sessions to match your need. If you’re starting with Marketo there’s a fair chance someone within your organization will be responsible for it. But that person probably has no training or experience in Marketo. In this case an admin training will be useful. But you could also get an interim manager to implement and roll out Marketo. Afterwards you would only need to train your field marketers in how to use Marketo. You could then keep maintenance and administration outsourced. Designing templates for Marketo is also something to take into account. You could either outsource this, but you could also train your in-house designers to create proper Marketo templates for emails and pages.

  • Admin training
  • Campaign- and field marketing training
  • Designer training
  • Technical training
  • Advanced lead nurturing techniques
  • Marketo versus Salesforce
  • Other Marketo training
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Marketo User Group Leader Netherlands Benelux
Marketo Champion
marketo champion
Marketo Champion

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