Campaign Management

Campaign management needed? Diederik Martens has many years of experience in marketing campaign management and campaign management software, as a campaign manager. Diederik has executed hundreds of campaigns. But more important Diederik has spent years architecting campaign processes, campaign performance measurement, and campaign technology.

With platforms such as Marketo it’s easy to template campaigns. Something I call OOTB (out-of-the-box) or OTS (off-the-shelve). And you could constantly update those templates with the latest best-practice for your organization. This way a new campaign can be set up in no-time! This is especially easy when integrating with third-party applications. Such as event registration software, mobile apps, e-commerce, or webcast technology.

If you’re low on resources, Diederik could take over your campaign management, as interim campaign manager. A bonus? He could also assess and improve your campaign processes at the same time.

Campaign management today: Orchestrating omnichannel engagement

campaign managementCampaigning in today’s world has become complex. One must be relevant and contextual. But also at the right time on the right channel. Especially in B2B, we also face multiple decision makers (DMU) and longer sales cycles and buying cycles.

So there’s a big challenge for today’s marketer. Campaign management can almost exclusively be done right with professional platforms, like marketing automation. Understanding technology and linking this to marketing is the challenge.

Integrated marketing management (IMM) is setting the tone. Balancing all disciplines in order to orchestrate omnichannel engagement. Integrated marketing management (IMM) represents the business strategy, process automation and technologies required to integrate people, processes and technologies across the marketing ecosystem. IMM supports closed-loop marketing by integrating operational, executional and analytical marketing processes from concept/idea to planning to resource allocation to creation/project management to piloting to full-scale execution through to evaluation and analysis.. More information can be found on the website from Gartner.

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