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About SMOps BV

About SMOps

Diederik Martens had many years of experience in digital marketing. Working on client side as well as on agency side. In his last position he was the world-wide Head of Marketing Operations at Quintiq, an international software company in supply chain planning and optimization. At Quintiq he had a blank budget to innovate and push the boundaries of marketing automation, to support the companies yearly double digit growth. As a result Diederik was asked to present his learnings across the world. He even won the prestigious Killer Content Award for his lead nurture strategy at Quintiq. More and more people started to ask if they could hire Diederik for projects.

In December 2015, Diederik quit his job at Quintiq to start as a freelancer in marketing automation and marketing operations. His launching customer was Trend Micro. The main brand was/is “Diederik Martens”. But Diederik needed something to register at the Chamber of Commerce. MOps and SOps are two frequently used terms in Diederik’s field of work. It’s short for Marketing Operations and Sales Operations. He combined the two terms to SMOps, which stands for Sales and Marketing Operations.

After Trend Micro many more customers followed. And Diederik also started to contract other freelancers. And Diederik started a new project SMOps Software. As a result he went to the Chamber of Commerce to set up different companies before the summer of 2016. Now there are SMOps Interim & Advies BV and SMOps Software BV, both owned by Diederik’s Holding.

In 2017 more and more customers found their way to SMOps. Diederik could no longer work from home or his customers’ offices. So the new SMOps office was opened in Oosterhout. This in turn enabled Diederik to recruit an intern from Fontys University of Applied Science, where Diederik lectures. Cristina joined in August 2017.

Growing fast, Diederik started looking for partners to participate to accelerate growth. Arjen Segers became a candidate partner in the spring of 2018. Not long after Fianna van Dijk joined as first employee on the payroll. She teamed up with Heleen Abegg who was already working ad-interim / part-time for SMOps.

With customers like Essent, Staples, Trend Micro, and DHL Express the company was growing faster every day. After the summer of 2018 Jacques van Seeters, previously in the SMOps advisory board, joined as partner to further stimulate growth.

SMOps now (October 2018), has 2 vacancies for MarTech specialists/consultants and a vancancy for an office manager. The office in Oosterhout is now too small. And we are about to move to Den Bosch.

Below you can find a list of expertises and a list of solutions.


  • Marketing Automation

    Campaign operations, workflow automation, Lead nurturing, lead scoring, webcast integration, webhooks, API’s, Email automation, and much more.

  • Lead Management

    Lead management process, Demand waterfall, Lead scoring, SLA’s, CRM-Integration, and much more.

  • Insights & ROMI

    Best-practice syndication, Marketing ROI, Pipeline attribution metrics, Dashboards, Reports, KPI’s, QBR formats, and much more.

  • Sales Alignment

    Sales enablement, sales alignment, sales operations interlock, sales tools, and much more.


  • Interim Management

    Need to outsource your marketing automation management? Temporary replace an employee?

  • Project Management

    Need to implement marketing automation? Need to integrate with CRM?

  • Workshops

    Need strategical or operational workshops with your team?

  • (Marketo) Training

    Do your employees need to be trained in technologies and processes?

  • Campaign Management

    Do you want to outsource the creation of and reporting on marketing campaigns?

  • (Corporate) Keynotes

    Looking for a corporate speaker for your management kick-off or your public event?

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