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Your sales- and marketing operations partner

Marketing operations plays a critical role in aligning strategy and processes by managing activities across multiple marketing and non-marketing functions, ensuring that all of the marketing organization’s activities run as planned and your marketeers, sales, and leadership are able to excel in their commercial efforts.

Whether leveraging technology management and implementations, creating processes, productizing best-practices, workshops, coordinating functions, training, reporting on performance, or generating new insights, marketing operations is at the center of much of the marketing organization’s activity. Agile marketing organizations are able to quickly adjust their marketing efforts on the buyers and their buying journeys. And they align with sales and enable them. Marketing automation facilitates growth through marketing and sales. SMOps is Marketo Nederland Partner.

Are you considering marketing technology?

SMOps can help you with insourcing our experts or outsourcing your demand generation or projects to us. No matter if it’s for preparations, such as an inspirational keynote or creating the business case, and platform selection. Or for a full implementation or custom integrations and/or additional apps. SMOps works agile towards MVP and stretch objectives, which results a quick ROI.

Do you want to improve your marketing technology?

SMOps can help you solve resourcing challenges (e.g. interim CMO, outsource campaign deployment), user training, masterclasses, measuring marketing’s impact, solve complex challenges, or boost your sales collaboration).

Marketing Automation

Campaign operations, workflow automation, Lead nurturing, lead scoring, webcast integration, webhooks, API’s, Email automation, and much more.

Lead Management

Lead management process, Demand waterfall, Lead scoring, SLA’s, CRM-Integration, and much more.

Insights & ROMI

Best-practice syndication, Marketing ROI, Pipeline attribution metrics, Dashboards, Reports, KPI’s, QBR formats, and much more.

Sales Alignment

Sales enablement, sales alignment, sales operations interlock, sales tools, and much more.

Marketo Certified Solutions Architect ©

2012 - 2018

Diederik Martens, founder of SMOps, is an offcial Marketo Certified Solutions Architect (MCSA) with 4 badges. And he's an official Marketo Certified Expert (MCE) with 6 specializations. Next to that Diederik is also the user group leader of Marketo users in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Marketo Champion ©

2014, 2015, 2016

Marketo honored Diederik as one of the world’s top 50 elite by naming him to the 2014 Marketo Champion Elite class. He was re-awarded in 2015 and in 2016 (maximum is 3 times). SMOps is also Marketo Partner Nederland.

Killer Content Award 2015

Lead Nurture Strategy

Quintiq was awarded the Killer Content Award at the B2B Content 2 Conversion conference in Arizona. Diederik Martens has stretched Marketo’s lead nurture engagement programs to the max.

Salesforce Automation (CRM)

Experienced in Salesforce

Diederik has many years of Salesforce experience. Also in administrator alike roles. Diederik is also able to set up integration with Marketo for example.